Reflexology treatment can reduce stress, tension and tiredness levels and stimulates the individual, creating a feeling of deep relaxation.

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Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is an alternative to traditional foot reflexology which focuses on the zones on the hands to reduce stress and tension throughout the body.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage promotes physical and emotional health by increasing circulation to the head and producing a feeling of wellbeing and calm.

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Massage Therapies

Massage therapy incorporates and utilises techniques that will stimulate the circulation, ease stress and soothe aching muscles in the body.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage, through manipulation of the muscle fibres, releases muscular tension and spasm rejuvenating and oxygenating tired knotted tissue.

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  • Foot Reflexology £30
  • Hand Reflexology £30
  • Indian Head Massage £30
  • Full Body Massage £40
  • Deep Tissue Massage £40
  • Emmett Therapy £40

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Understanding Pain

Pain can express itself in many ways, from the occasional twinge chronic fatigue to a permanent ache. Much of our pain is stress related. We take on so much in our lives and we never seem to stop until we reach burn out or run out of steam..

With a combination of reflexology, through palpitation of the various reflexes on the feet, body massage, passive joint manipulation and deep tissue massage, I treat the whole body on a cellular and emotional level.

Reflexology on its own is a very a effective therapy for releasing the stress, pain and tension, that our bodies hold and build up due to our working environment, life pressures and busy life style.

Hand reflexology is as effective as foot reflexology but takes a little longer to initiate. The hands and finger joints are much more flexible than the feet but require deeper prolonged palpitation of the reflexes to ease tension and stress as the reflex points are positioned deeper under the surface of the skin than those on the feet.

Body massage enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage and promotes cellular exchange, it literally gets under the skin and addresses the deep tissue issues, releasing, knots, muscular tension, spasm, re-oxygenising the cells on a cellular level.
Passive joint movement and manipulation through massage and exercise releases tight, creaky and frozen joints, encouraging and enabling free movement free from pain.

Deep tissue massage through manipulation of the muscle fibres, releases muscular tension and spasm, rejuvenating and oxygenating tired knotted tissue, tight and calcified tendons are released unblocking energy pathways throughout the body, assisting and enabling the body to heal its self.

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